Below are some frequently used terms and acronyms throughout the AVAA. For additional glossary and terminology resources, check out the Council on Library and Information Resources’ Glossary.

CCD: Usually refers to charge-coupled device, but could also refer to closed-caption display.

EIAJ/EIAJ-1: Refers to a video format developed by the Electronic Industries Association of Japan.

[IRE]( A unit used in the measurement of composite video signals. and derived from the Institute of Radio Engineers.

NTSC: Refers to the analog television system used by the National Television System Committee.

S-VHS: Super VHS

VTR: Video Tape Recorder


Video Archiving, Preservation, and Digitization (Analog)

  • Audiovisual Self-Assessment Program (AvSAP)
    "AvSAP (Audiovisual Self-Assessment Program) exists to assist cultural heritage institutions with audiovisual materials in their collections and staff who have little to no training in audiovisual preservation. AvSAP is also an excellent tool for those with experience with AV materials and its informational and advisory components can help fill out areas where the AV preservation expert could use some refreshers. Our goal is to help collections managers develop a prioritized preservation plan as well as educate them on extending the lives of their collections with the resources at hand. The scope of material AvSAP covers are: film, videotape (open-reel and cartridge based; analog and digital), audio recordings (extending from cylinder grooved media to disc; analog and digital) and optical media such as CD and DVD. AvSAP does not address issues related to still photographic processes or prints."

  • Digitizing Video for Long-Term Preservation: An RFP Guide and Template
    This Request for Proposals (RFP) guide is intended for organizations beginning the process of working with vendors to digitize and preserve their analog media. It was developed by New York University’s Division of Libraries in partnership with academic libraries and advisors.

  • Bay Area Video Coalition: Preservation Access Program and Services

  • Magnetic Tape Storage and Handling: A Guide for Libraries and Archives, Dr. John W.C. Van Bogart, National Media Laboratory and The Commission on Preservation and Access. June 1995.
    "This report is a joint project of the Commission on Preservation and Access and the National Media Laboratory, developed within the Commission’s Preservation Science Research initiative."
    Publication intended to assist stewards of magnetic media collections in preserving the longevity of magnetic media through best practices in storage and management.

  • Federal Agency Digitization Guidelines Initiative
    Agencies Audio-Visual Working Group and Still Image Working Group. These documents have been drafted or are recommended by either the Still Image or Audio Visual Working Group, and range from guidelines recommending specific metrics to those describing more general processes or methodologies.

  • Videotape Identification and Assessment Guide, Texas Commission on the Arts.

Video (Digital)


  • Johannes Gfeller, Agathe Jarczyk, and Joanna Phillips, Compendium of Image Errors in Analogue Video. Edited by Swiss Institute for Art Research, Zürich: Scheidegger & Spiess, 2012.