PCM F1 Audio without Adaptor

Also known as:
  • PCM
  • F1
  • digital audio
Audio Digital U-matic Betamax

PCM F1 Audio without Adaptor refers to a digtial audio signal that is recorded onto an analog video tape. It appears as grey and black blocks that scroll vertically across the screen and looks similar to a barcode. It can appear on any video format, but is most frequently seen on U-matic and Betamax tapes. The Sony PCM-1600/1610/1630 adaptor were most commonly used with U-matic, and the Sony PCM-F1 adaptor with Betamax.

According to greatbear, this hybrid analog/digital system was the first two-channel stereo digital recording process, combining the transport and recording mechanisms of the VTR with a PCM (pulse-code-modulation) digital processor. Remarkably, this set the precedent for the 44.1 kHz audio sampling rate that was used with CD recording.

Can it be fixed?

Yes. It can be fixed by adding the appropriate adaptor to your video signal chain.


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