Also known as:
  • Echo
  • Print Through
Video Ghosting Common Artifacts

Ghost is a shadowy or weak image in the received picture, offset either to the right or to the left of the primary image. It is the result of transmission conditions where secondary signals are created and received earlier or later than the primary signal caused by a reflected RF signal.

Echo is a wave which has been reflected at one or more points in the transmission medium. Result from reflection of transmitted broadcast signals during off air recording (signal reflection from tall physical structures like skyscrapers or airplanes) and signal routing problems where unterminated video signals. Echoes may be leading or lagging the primary signal, and appear in the picture monitor as reflections or double images commonly known as ghosts.

The term “ghost” or “ghosting” is also used to describe and effect called Image Lag, an artifact of certain types of video tube cameras.

“Ghost” has been noted as being similar to Print-through. The condition where low frequency signals on one tape winding imprint themselves on the immediate adjacent tape windings. It is most noticeable on audio recordings where a ghost of a recording can be heard slightly before playback of the actual recording.

Can it be fixed?

If the artifact is recorded into the media, it cannot be fixed.


Notice the transparent and ghostly repeated right edge of the image in this video.


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